Mangalsutra Design : Latest Design Of Stylish Daily Wear Mangalsutra Design

Mangalsutra Design

Stylish Daily Wear Mangalsutra Design

Mangalsutra is an important ornament for married women. Women wear it around their neck for 24 hours. And on some special occasions heavy pendants of new design are also used along with mangalsutra. Gold mangalsutra is the most commonly used mangalsutra for party wear. Anyway, gold mangalsutra around the neck looks very attractive. So today we have brought for you a special mangalsutra design with locket design made of gold. If you want your mangalsutra pendant to be made only of gold, then you must see this design.

 Traditional Latest Mangalsutra Design

 Traditional Latest Mangalsutra Design
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Mangalsutra made in traditional style looks like a queen. Team this mangalsutra with your silk saree and complete your royal look.

Stylish Traditional Mangalsutra Design

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Black Beeded Mangalsutra Design

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This is a great design of long mangalsutra in single chain. Its pendant design is also held by a long chain. Round long pendant mangalsutra looks better with square neck line.

Trending Necklace Mangalsutra Design

Trending Necklace Mangalsutra Design
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You can use this best mangalsutra as a necklace. Because its pendant design has also been widened and the chain has also been widened. You can complete your look by wearing this mangalsutra with your heavy saree.

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