Stylish Kurti Suits According to Your Height

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Whenever you wear clothes according to your body, then you can always adopt the perfect getup. Now everyone’s physical appearance is different, according to which he should wear clothes. Especially you should pay special attention while choosing your clothes according to your height. If you look taller, then you should choose clothes according to show more height less. On the other hand, if your height is a little less than 5 feet 4 inches, then you should choose such clothes in which you have the impression of being tall.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you should choose which type of kurti or salwar suit according to your height.


Jacket Style Kurti

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Jackets are the best option for women who are more visible in length whenever they want to do kurti styling. It helps to distract from your length. If possible, wear a light colored jacket with a dark color. This contrast combination will look great.

 Long Slit Kurta

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Long slit kurtas whether it is slit in the side or in front look more beautiful on tall women. They work to divide your body by not showing you the same, due to which your body appears of a perfect height.

Checks Printed Kurta

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Small prints should always be used to make the height appear taller. In such a situation, if you make a kurti using small checks printed fabric, then it will make you look attractive and a little longer too.

Long Red Kurti

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Just like tall women should choose a kurti above the knee for themselves, in the same way if you want to appear tall then always choose a kurti below the knee for yourself. And this kurti will look more beautiful if it is in light fabric like chiffon and georgette.

Deep Neck Kurti

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Talking about the neck line, you should choose a deep neckline kurti for a long effect. If you find yourself uncomfortable with a large neck, you can choose a V neck line and reduce its depth a little.

Round Printed Blue Base Kurti

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This deep round kurti has everything that can help you look taller than your height. Small prints in light colour, short sleeve design and V neck line. These types of kurtis help in giving a long and cool getup.

Single Color Red Chikankari Suit

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This is the easiest way to look tall, you can wear both salwar and kurti in the same color. Single color gives you a feeling of being tall. For this, if you can choose red, pink and dark blue colors.


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