Stylish Ladies Slipper Under 1000

Today we bring to you Ladies Slippers: which are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is available in great color and in many size options. Let us know about them.

Women wear only Ladies slippers at home for a long time. Keeping this in mind, we have brought you some great quality lightweight and comfortable slippers. These are available in great designs and great color options. Apart from wearing them at home everyday, you can also use them for going to the market.

These Slippers For Women can be worn on any casual dress. These are made from high quality and good grip material. These slippers are coming in many size options, they can be taken according to their fitting.

KazarMax Beige Pastel Chevron Stylish Slipper For Women

These are very stylish Women Slippers to look at. They are very light and comfortable to wear. Ultra soft cushion is available to give complete comfort to your feet. These can be helpful in providing a better grip even on smooth surfaces, so that there is no risk of foot slip. These are made from memory foam.

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Hush Puppies Women’s Amber Slippers

These are branded and attractive slippers suitable for casual wear. These slippers usually come one size smaller, so if your size is number 9, then this number 10 slipper will fit you perfectly. A 60-day manufacturing defect warranty is also being given by the company on these. Flexible rubber has been used to make it.

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Yoho stylish flip flop slippers for women

These are flip flop slippers with a user rating of 4.5 stars. These have been well-liked by the customers. It is coming in Rose shadow color. In this you are also getting many other color options. It has an anti-skid 3D sole which gives better grip. These slippers are extra soft and comfortable which gives complete comfort to your feet.

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United Colors of Benetton womens  Slipper



This is a very beautiful and attractive color Womens Slipper to look at. The sole of ethylene vinyl acetate material has been used to make it. This slipper is coming with a heel height of 1.5 cms. It is water and skid resistant, which does not spoil and does not slip when water falls. It is getting digital printed strap.

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USHION V Comfortable  Flip Flops for Women

This is a comfortable and lightweight Flip Flops For Women that comes with a plant based sole. Made from very soft and comfortable 100% recycled super foam. It is also a suitable and comfortable option for everyday wear at home. It doesn’t get spoiled even if there is water. There are many size options available in this, which you can take according to the size of your feet.

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