Mangalsutra Design : New Lightweight Dailywear Mangalsutra Design

Dailywear Mangalsutra Design
Image Credit - Meesho

Dailywear Mangalsutra Design

Mangalsutra is worn after marriage and is very important for a married woman. Its importance is very high in Hinduism. In this you will easily find many designs from heavy duty to simple, but for everyday wear we often prefer to wear mangalsutra with light weight and simple sober design.

Stylish Mangalsutra Design

If we talk about daily wear then we do not wear costly mangalsutra like gold or diamond daily and we often wear artificial mangalsutra for daily wear. So today we are going to show you some designer mangalsutra which you can wear everyday and add beauty to your beauty.

Latest Mangalsutra Design

You must have seen many designs in mangalsutra, but pearl designs with stones look very attractive and nice. We tell you that you will easily find a similar mangalsutra in the market for around Rs 200 to 400, similar to this beautiful mangalsutra.

New Mangalsutra Designs

These types of designs are quite common in the market nowadays. You will easily find similar stone Mangalsutra designs in the market for around Rs.250 to Rs.400. With this type of design, you can wear long to short chains as well.

Dailywear Mangalsutra Design

Simple Mangalsutra Design


Goldplated Mangalsutra Design

Mangalsutra Design For Women


Image credit – Meesho

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