Meesho Sale 2024 On 2 June : Offers Up to 75% Discount on 3 Crore Products Check Offers

Meesho Sale 2024
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Meesho sale 2024 : Meesho First Sunday Maha Sale

Meesho Launches First Sunday Maha Sale on 2 June 2024 – Meesho, a popular e-commerce platform, is gearing up for its First Sunday Maha Sale. This grand event will take place on June 2, 2024. Shoppers can expect big discounts, special offers, and exclusive deals. The sale aims to attract a large number of buyers with its attractive prices and variety of products.

Meesho Sale 2024
Meesho Sale 2024

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What is the First Sunday Maha Sale?

The First Sunday Maha Sale is a special sale event by Meesho. It is set to occur on the first Sunday of every month. The sale will feature deep discounts on various items. This includes clothing, electronics, home appliances, and beauty products. Meesho hopes to make this a regular event for its customers.

Discounts up 70% and  many Offers

During the First Sunday Maha Sale, Meesho promises huge discounts. Some products may have discounts of up to 70% on 3 Crore Products .  Special deals will also be available for a limited time. Flash sales will occur throughout the day. Special Rupees 9 Deals* Every 2 Hours . Shoppers should keep an eye out for these time-limited offers. (* Limited Stock Deals )

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Deals On 3 Crore Products

Meesho’s sale will cover a wide range of products. Fashion lovers can find deals on clothing, footwear, and accessories. Electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops will be available at reduced prices. Home appliances and kitchen gadgets will also see significant price cuts. Beauty and personal care products will be sold at a discount as well. The variety ensures that there is something for everyone.

Easy Shopping Experience with Meesho

Meesho aims to provide a smooth shopping experience during the sale. The website and app have been optimized for high traffic. This should prevent slowdowns and crashes. Easy navigation and clear categories will help customers find what they are looking for quickly. Meesho will also offer fast and reliable delivery services. Customers can track their orders in real-time.

Up 12% Extra Discount on Online Payments

During the Meesho First Sunday Maha Sale on June 2, shoppers can enjoy up to 12% extra discount on online payments. This offer is available when customers use specific digital wallets or bank cards. The extra discount is in addition to the already significant price reductions on various products. To avail of this benefit, customers need to ensure they select eligible payment methods at checkout. Terms and conditions apply, so it is advisable to read the fine print to understand any restrictions or requirements. This additional discount makes the shopping experience even more rewarding, providing greater savings on every purchase.

Tips for Shoppers

To make the most of the First Sunday Maha Sale, shoppers should prepare in advance. Here are some tips:

1. **Create a Wishlist**: Browse through Meesho’s App before the sale. Add desired items to your wishlist. This saves time and ensures you do not miss out on deals.

2. **Set Reminders**: Flash sales and special deals will be time-limited. Setting reminders will help you grab these offers before they run out.3. **Check Payment Options**: Ensure your preferred payment method is ready. This includes linking digital wallets and checking card limits.

4. **Compare Prices**: Compare prices of products beforehand. This helps in making informed purchases during the sale.

Positive Impact for Sellers

The First Sunday Maha Sale is not just beneficial for buyers. Sellers on Meesho also stand to gain. The increased traffic and sales can boost their visibility and revenue. Meesho supports its sellers with marketing and logistics during the sale. This ensures that products reach customers efficiently. Sellers can expect a significant increase in orders and customer engagement.


The First Sunday Maha Sale on June 2 promises to be a major shopping event. With huge discounts, a wide range of products, and special payment options, it offers great value to customers. Meesho’s efforts to provide a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience will likely pay off. Both shoppers and sellers can look forward to a successful sale day. This event marks the beginning of a monthly tradition that will benefit all parties involved.

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