Full Hand Mehndi Design : घर पर बनाए ये आसान मेहंदी का डिजाइन

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Beautiful Full Hand Mehndi Design Tutorial 


Creating a full hand mehndi design can be a beautiful and intricate process. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for a full hand mehndi design:

Materials Needed:

  1. Henna cone or henna paste
  2. Thin plastic cone or applicator (if using henna paste)
  3. Tissue paper
  4. Lemon juice and sugar mixture (to seal the design)
  5. Cotton balls
  6. Small bowl
  7. Toothpick (optional)


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Prepare the Henna Paste:

If you’re using henna powder, mix it with water to create a thick, smooth paste. Allow the paste to sit for a few hours or overnight for best results. If you’re using pre-made henna cones, skip this step.

Clean Your Hands:

Start with clean hands to ensure the henna adheres well to your skin.

Begin at the Wrist:

Start your full hand mehndi design at the wrist. Create a broad cuff-like band with henna paste. You can make this as simple or as intricate as you like.

Design the Fingers:

Move on to the fingers one by one. You can choose to decorate each finger differently or create a consistent pattern.

Common finger designs include leaves, floral patterns, or simple geometric shapes.


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Add Intricate Patterns:

As you work your way up the hand, incorporate more intricate patterns, such as paisley motifs, swirls, and dots.

Connect the Wrist to the Fingers:

Create decorative lines or vines that connect the wrist band to each finger. These lines can have leaves, dots, or small flowers along them.

Decorate the Palm:

Move to the palm of your hand. You can create a central design in the center of the palm or continue the patterns from the fingers.



Fill in Spaces:

Use the henna paste to fill any empty spaces with additional patterns, dots, or swirls. Make sure the design is well-balanced and symmetrical if desired.

Wait for the Henna to Dry:

Allow the henna paste to dry on your skin. This usually takes 1-2 hours, but drying time can vary depending on the henna quality and temperature.

Seal the Design:

Once the henna is dry, mix lemon juice and sugar in a bowl.

Carefully dab this mixture on top of the dried henna design using a cotton ball. This helps seal the henna and intensify the color.

Let It Set:

Leave the henna on your skin for several hours or overnight for the best results.

Avoid contact with water during this time.

Peel Off and Enjoy:

Once the henna has set, gently scrape it off with a toothpick or your fingers.


Mehndi Design For Girls
Mehndi Design For Girls

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Mehndi Design For Girls
Mehndi Design For Girls

You’ll notice a beautiful orange-brown stain beneath.

Creating a full hand mehndi design can be time-consuming, so it’s important to be patient and take your time. Feel free to get creative and personalize your design to your liking. Enjoy the process and the stunning Result .

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