New Oxidised Mangalsutra Design

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New Oxidised Mangalsutra Design  

The meaning of Mangalsutra is very special, in this Mangal means sacred and Sutra means thread. That’s why when a girl gets married, the groom wears Mangalsutra to his bride. That’s why it is mandatory for women to wear Mangalsutra after marriage.

Mangal Sutra is a sacred necklace worn by married Hindu women in India. It is an essential part of traditional Indian weddings and symbolizes the marital status of a woman

Magalsutra is considered a symbol of marriage and good luck. You will find many designs of Mangalsutra in the market. If you also like to have beautiful designs of Mangalsutra in your jewelry collection, then today we have brought very cute and stylish American diamond pendant designs of Mangalsutra for you.

in this today Article We share Some Beautiful Design Of Mangalsutra Wih you . 

Traditional Maharashtrian Oxidized Silver Long Mangalsutra Set

The Long Mangalsutra Oxidised Silver Plated Pendant Earrings Necklace is designed in a traditional Maharashtrian style, making it perfect for Marathi weddings and other occasions. The black beads and oxidized silver tanmaniya design make it a stylish and trendy piece of jewelry.

If you’re looking for a special gift for someone who loves traditional jewelry, this Long Mangalsutra is the perfect choice


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GIVA AVNI 925 Oxidised Silver Traditional Mangalsutra


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GIVA AVNI 925 Oxidised Silver Tribal Mangalsutra

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GIVA AVNI Women’s 925 Oxidised Silver Dual Cone Mangalsutra Design

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